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His first instrument was the piano at age 7. His mother, an Apostolic Minister, taught Earl the guitar playing spirituals at 12. Started singing with an R&B quartet at 17 on street corners. Learned the jazz/blues style from the late Gene Edwards of the Lou Bennett Trio. Played his first professional gig at the old Smith Hotel. Played his first major pro gig with Dee Clark at Carr’s Beach. Took some lessons from late guitarist Bill Harris, Wash. D.C. Toured with the Blue Bells, and Arthur Alexander, Jimmy Soul, ’58.Appeared with Gene Ammons at the Famous Ballroom, ’70. While working at the Royal Roost the Earl Wilson Trio, w/Charles Covington, Chester Thompson, Earl backed such names as Gene Ammons, Johnny Hartman, Rufus Harley, Also, Mr. Ernie Andrews.




John Lamkin II- trumpet, John Lamkin III- drums, Warren Wolf Sr. & Jr.- percussion & vibes, Rodney Kelly Sr.- guitar, Jr.- piano, Charles Funn- trombone, Kris Funn- bass, Whit Williams- Sax, Tom Willams- trumpet


Pigfoot (1975-1981)

was a jazz club owned by Bill Harris (1925-1988)

1812 Hamlin St. NE, Washington DC